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Phone 314-843-3245   Fax 314-843-3196

Rev. Jim Cormack, CM
Ext 217


Rev. Mr. Tim Woods
Permanent Deacon
Ext 213

Rev. Tom Hinni, CM
Sr. Priest in Service


Mrs. Sue Spaeth
Director of Parish Operations
Ext . 211

Rev. Mr. George Tichacek
Permanent Deacon

Brother Dave Berning, CM
Vincentian Brother



Mrs. Sue Tumminia
Part Time Pastoral Minister
Ext 212

 Mrs. Tina Indelicato
Financial Manager
Ext 225

Mrs. Penny Weiss
Financial Assistant
Ext 300 


Mrs. Peggy Brinkmann
Director of Religious Education
Ext. 223

Mr. Billy Bommarito
Full Time Youth Minister
Ext 301


Mary Kate Buncher
Asst Youth Minister
Ext 216


Mrs. Sue Baumgartner
DRE Assistant
Child Safety Coordinator
Ext 219


Mrs. Ann George
PT Secretary
Ext 224


Sr. Connie Bauer, OP
Ext 210




Ms. Linda DiFranco
Music Director


Mr. Jim Faust
Maintenance Supervisor
Ext 221

Mr. Bill Schelinski
Gardening & Campus Beautification


Mrs. Laurie Jost
School Principal


Mr. Chris Masterson
School Vice Principal



Mrs. Suzie Koch
School Secretary