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We are the Youth of St. Catherine Laboure Parish.



About the Youth Ministry

The St. Catherine Laboure Youth Ministry invites, nurtures, challenges and empowers the youth of the parish to be ALIVE in and COMMITTED to their Catholic faith through spiritual, service and social activities which are connected to the parish and the community at large.

Young adults and young at heart may apply to be part of our Adult Core and Support Team.

We can be found at:

  • weekly meetings for our ‘prayer nights’ from 7:00-9:00pm in the youth room (located in the SCL parish center)
  • at our Noon Youth Mass on Sundays
  • and tons of other social, service, and prayer events throughout the year.

Our fourth Thursday of the month is our XLT night where we invite teens from all over St. Louis to join us for a night of praise and worship with our music minister, band, and Adoration in our parish hall. Check out our “Events” link to see what else is happening these days at SCLYM.

Hope you can join us. All are welcome!


“Welcome to the St. Catherine Laboure Youth Ministry Website! Thanks for stopping by! We hope that you find all sorts of fun stuff for resources; whether you’re a teen or a parent, you’ve visited us a million times or this is your first pit stop in the youth ministry world, we are thankful for your interest and welcome you to check us out. We are here to serve our middle and high schoolers and their families of our parish. Please let us know how we can help answer any questions!

Katie and BIlly



Youth Ministry Announcements

Changes are Coming! A Very Importnat Message from Katie our SCLYM Youth Minister
I cannot express to you all how wonderful it is to be part of this remarkable parish. The sometimes long days and nights in my office and youth room have certainly flown by when I’ve been surrounded by such great energy and awesome people. Even in the moments when the ministry has struggled or the days feel overwhelming, I have never, ever doubted the support, love and generosity of this outstanding parish.

There have been too many days to count where I am blown away by the love of Christ through serving the teens of SCL Youth Ministry. From 100+ hour work weeks during Luke 18 preparation, to getting on yet another bus, to go on yet, another retreat, to passing out tacos in the pouring down rain, to proudly watching that nervous lector I trained rock it out at the ambo at noon mass, to seeing a teen walk through a tremulous personal experience in his/her life, or to sitting in front of the Blessed Sacrament with 200 teens who are so silent you could hear a pin drop, my heart has been changed. I’m grateful for the days of laser tag and go carts with junior highers, ziplining and walking through a mud cave at 5th grade camp, and being simply amazed when teens from this parish make time to get to daily mass and the adoration chapel. When the paperwork was higher than my desk, and the trunk or treat parking lot never seemed to be finished, or 10 inches of snow showed up on Luke 18, coffee and the love for this parish definitely pushed me through. I’ve laughed REALLY hard and I’ve cried more than Gianna! I had no idea I could love so many middle and high school teenagers over the course of the past few years.

In a recent turn of VERY unexpected events, my life is about to change and have quite the ripple effect! Through much prayer and discernment for my family, the youth ministry program, and the parish of St. Catherine Laboure, I have accepted a position as the Central Regional director through Life Teen, Inc. and will begin my new journey training youth ministers starting as early as March 5. It was not an easy decision as I’ve fallen deeply in love with serving your families on a typical 7-day a week basis for the last (almost) 6 years.
I can’t even begin to thank everyone and do it justice. To the parish, day school and PSR school staff who literally helped me stay above water each day…. Especially when a newborn baby was in the office with me! They did and helped in every little and big way. I could not have made it to this point in my career without the backbone of my ministry and this parish, Fr. Jim. He’s helped form me into a woman who trusts that the Holy Spirit is guiding my steps and that being fully alive in Christ is a blessing not to be taken for granted.

In addition, day to day ministry would not happen without the remarkable core team of adults and young adults who give up their time willingly (and for FREE!) to help the teens know the love of God for each of them. For leading nights, for being at my beckon call, for traveling away from your friends and family, and doing some of the most ridiculous things so that we can serve the teens better, THANK YOU. Your love and laughter has certainly changed my entire life. To my teens, old and young, I will always love you and will continue to pray for you. You are a part of who God created me to be and walking every journey with you has been a powerful reminder of God’s presence in my daily world. You, my friends, will forever mean so much to me.

Over the last three very busy weeks, I have realized that God has had a
plan all along, and therefore Billy will be officially stepping into my role as the full time youth minister starting March 5th. I will be around over the upcoming months to get him squared away and help him as he prepares to get married this upcoming June! Billy has without a doubt changed my life and the ministry program. Billy’s ability to pick up the pieces that I was dropping as a new mom and youth minister was impressive. He is so unbelievably talented at doing ministry and from day one has been incredible at getting to know kids and helping teens feel loved and welcomed. Plus he has a wicked awesome sense of humor! Without much time, Billy has made SCL home and been welcomed by the teens with open arms. I am the most confident in Billy’s abilities to continue this program in a healthy and holy way. I ask for your continued love and support for Billy as he moves into this new position. I’m sure he’ll take everything from your prayers to a random phone call to just ask, “hey, how can I help?!” From someone who was in this spot 5 ½ years ago, every bit of support & love goes a long way. I can’t forget to thank Billy for every single thing he’s done these past few months and I’m honored and thrilled to pass the torch his way.

Thank you for inviting me to be part of your parish family. Thank you for so much joy that my heart is bursting with memories that have changed my life. And most importantly thank you, as always, for loving the teens of our the St. Catherine Laboure Youth Ministry program.

“Spirit, Lead me where my trust is without boarders, let me walk along the water, wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander; that my faith would be made stronger, in the presence of the Savior.” – “Oceans” by Hillsong

You are loved.
Luke 18 2014- Saturday Afternoon Part 2

Everyone had a blast playing dodge ball this afternoon! After the intense dodge ball battle the Disciples delivered another talk about what it means to be a member. The talk essentially focused on how every decision we make as an impact and affects the person you are. The Disciples closed their talk by making sure that all the Lukers knew that they are already a part of the faith family at SCL. They encouraged them to always make sure that no matter what “groups” they are a part of, they always make time for God. After this talk the Lukers and Disciples went back to small groups, and they made posters together about where they see God in their lives. When everyone came back together, each small group presented its poster to the rest of the Lukers and Disciples.

After the presentations, the Lukers heard a talk on prayer. The Disciples talked about the importance of prayer in their own lives and how prayer is essential to our relationship with God. The Lukers were encouraged to find a way to make their prayer personal and to find their favorite ways to pray. The Lukers and Disciples once again went off to small group to talk more about prayer and react to what the Disciples had shared during the talk. We look forward to a night full of prayer and more moving experiences!

Luke 18 2014- Saturday Morning

Luke 18- Saturday Morning
The Lukers and Disciples arrived early this morning for a delicious and nutritious breakfast of bagels, donuts, and fruit. We opened the morning with some praise and worship to wake everyone up.
The first talk of the morning focused on “Who am I?/Gifts and Talents”.  In this talk, disciples encouraged the Lukers to think about what they see when they look at themselves. They were also encouraged to think about why we focus on our inadequacies, rather than the things that matter, like our strengths . They were reminded about how we are not defined by the number of likes on we get on Instagram or retweets we get on Twitter but by the choices we make in our life. The talk also covered the fact that each of us has our own individual gifts and talents that are unique,  and all God asks is that we use them. Finally, the Lukers were challenged to think about what their gifts and talents are and how they plan to use them.
After hearing this they went to small group to discuss what they had just heard. Later, to break the morning up, they will be going on a scavenger hunt around SCL!  

Luke 18 2014- Saturday Afternoon

Before lunch the Lukers listened to a talk about family. The Disciples giving the talk spoke about how we can see God working in our families in the little ways. They stressed that it is important to not forget about the glimpses of love in our families and that if we pay attention to them we will see God’s love. Even though we have also experienced hurt in our families, it is important to not hold grudges or we will miss all the good things to come in the future. The common thread in every family is that God’s love is seen through the love and support that our families give us.

After the talk on family the Lukers went into small groups for discussion and received letters from their parents. After small groups everyone enjoyed lunch where there was a wonderful taco bar laid out for the Lukers and Disciples to build their own tacos.

When the Lukers came back from lunch they watched another scene to the skit and then listened to a talk about Faith family. This talk focused on the importance of having a faith family. The Disciples talked about how when you have a faith family, it helps you to live out your faith in everyday life, not just at church or on retreats. The Lukers were also encouraged to not be ashamed of their faith, because nobody, no matter how popular they think they are, is too cool for God. The Lukers then went back to their small groups for discussion. Later this afternoon we will have the dodge ball tournament between small groups. May the best team win!

Luke 18 2014- Saturday Night

We had a delicious dinner tonight including hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, macaroni, and cookies. The dinner was served to us by the Cori Team (9th and 10th grade high schoolers).

We listened to a talk about hurting and making up. After hearing this talk everyone had the opportunity to write a letter to someone, themselves, or to God about a time they were hurt. After writing these letters they had the opportunity to burn the letters as a symbol of surrendering what they wrote about to God. We then heard another talk about God’s love and how his love is ALWAYS there even when it doesn’t seem that way. The night ended in adoration, including praise and worship.Needless to say it was an incredible day with so much to be taken from it.

Luke 18 2014!

Hello Everyone!


hope you can follow us here all weekend long for updates and blogs!

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Excited for an AMAZING WEEKEND!


Luke 18 2014- Friday Night

We started off the evening with a lot of games, singing, and dancing. Once all of the Lukers arrived a skit was done by the disciples (college/high school leaders) to kick off the weekend. They were singing and dancing a long to the song "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. This skit fits with them theme of the weekend which is about "Building Your Own Kingdom Here."

The skit really seemed to get the Lukers attention and get them excited for the weekend. The first talk was given by three of the disciples and was titled " Our Father's Invitation," They encouraged all the students to fully enter in this weekend reguarless of what fears they may have. They were encouraged to open up their hearts and minds to everything the weekend has in store for them. This talk focused on making all of the Lukers feel welcome and getting them excited for the coming weekend. 

After this talk they went into small groups and met for discussion over what they just heard. The night ended with singing, dancing, and praise and worship. Everyone was sent off to sleep houses to rest up for a fun-filled Saturday! Hopefully they actually get some sleep.

Junior High Parent and "Tween" Social Media Night!

Please join us for a presentation about middle schoolers, parents, and social media October 1 in the Parish Hall from 6:30-7:30.

a few laughs today!
SCLYM Fall Semester!

Ways you can tell it's officially fall at SCLYM.

1. I was in my office before 8am for no reason other than to get stuff done!
2. The pantry in the youth room has been stocked thanks to Costco.
3. If you check out the FB group or follow SCLYM on twitter, you'll notice a LOT of things happening that you should be paying attention to!
4. Billy Bommarito's First junior high meeting is after school today!
5. Luke 18 applications are starting to pile up under the piñata in our office. (yes we have a giant piñata in our office. no big deal)

Junior Senior Retreat, Trunk or Treat, Luke 18, Generation Life, Edge, Thursday Prayer Nights, XLT and SO MUCH MORE.... We are ready for YOU!

Forms and details for all our upcoming events can be found under "youth ministry documents" on the right hand side of this page.

Mark your calendars, say some prayers, make the time to join us because it's going to be an awesome ride these next 5 months!



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