Music Ministry

St. Catherine Laboure Parish has a vibrant music ministry. 

Ms. Linda Di Franco is our Director of Music.  She comes to us with more than 30 years of experience and we are happy to have her here.  For more information about Ms. Di Franco, please visit her website at

Musicians and singers in age from seven to eighty plus years, participate in the various choirs.  We encourage anyone who is so inspired to join one of the choirs as a singer or as an instrumentalist , or to volunteer to cantor at the 5pm Mass.  We strive to have the congregation fully participate in the Mass through spoken word and song. 

5:00PM Mass on Saturday evenings features a children’s choir.  The children’s choir sings every other Saturday from September through May.  They are directed by Mrs. Ursula Zielinski.  When the children’s choir is not singing, Ursula and a cantor lead the congregation in song.

7:30AM Mass on Sunday mornings has more of a traditional style of music.  Led by piano or organ and a cantor, the congregation is encouraged to fully participate in the liturgy through spoken word and song.

9:00am Mass on Sunday mornings features a young adult choir.  This choir is directed by Linda DiFranco.  The musicians and singers range in age from 6th grade to young adults in their early twenties. 

10:30am Sunday Mass offers a more traditional adult choir.  The SATB choir leads the congregation in prayer and song throughout the calendar year.  The choir is directed by Linda DiFranco.

12:00pm Noon Mass is the “Youth” Mass.  Led by Karl Zimmermann and his liturgical band, the music is contemporary.  Song sheets are available at noon Mass to encourage the congregation to fully participate in the liturgy.

The Children’s Choir

The 5pm children’s choir is led by Ursula Zielinski,  The choir sings from September through May  and also sings the 2:00pm Mass on Chirstmas Eve and the  First Communion Mass in the spring.  A flyer is sent to the children in  the SCL day school and PSR each September so children can sign up for the choir.  Children from grades 2 through 8 are welcome and encouraged to join.  The choir practices on Tuesday afternoons from 3:15 to 4:30 pm throughout the school year.  Children are given the opportunity to learn to cantor at Mass and also to play some percussion instruments when appropriate to the Mass.  This is a wonderful opportunity for children to increase their vocal talent and also to learn to give back to the church their time and talents.

The 9:00 Choir

The 9:00 Choir is led by Linda Di Franco  Participants range in age from 6th grade to young adults in their early twenties.  The choir practices Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm in church. The choir sings every Sunday at 9:00am Mass, the 5:30pm Mass on Christmas Eve, Holy Thursday and other special services throughout the year. The choir welcomes string, brass, percussion and woodwind musicians willing to offer their talents to this group.  The musical selections sung by this choir offer two, three and four part harmony selections.  Singers are featured as cantors and individually where appropriate, but the focus of the group is to create a musical sound that inspires and encourages the congregation to participate fully in the Mass.   To try out for this choir contact Linda DiFranco

The 10:30 Choir

The 10:30am Choir is led by Linda Di Franco  It is an SATB choir.  We practice Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm in church  The choir sings every Sunday at 10:30am Mass, the Christmas Eve 10:30pm service, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and other special services throughout the year.  The choir has a good mix of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses, but new voices are always welcome.  To join this choir contact Linda Di Franco at  The choir offers a welcoming and dedicated community of singers who are always striving to provide the best music for the parish and also support each other musically and spiritually. The choir welcomes string, brass, percussion and woodwind musicians willing to offer their talents to this group.

The 12:00 Choir

The 12:00 Choir is led by Karl Zimmerman.   The band includes drums, guitar, piano, bass, vocals and other instruments.  They provide a mix of contemporary Christian worship songs and traditional Catholic liturgical music for Noon Sunday Mass, the annual Mass in the Grass, Christmas, Easter, Confirmation Masses and other special parish events.  For information about this group, please contact Karl at 618.616.3417.


Cantors lead the congregation in song.  Specifically, cantors are needed for the 5pm weekend Mass.  The cantor must have the ability to learn new music in a timely fashion.  The ability to read music is beneficial.  For more information or to try out to be a cantor, please contract Linda Di Franco